Our Projects

FAANEGA sponsors social events for the Filipino-American community in Athens and nearby places.  The regular annual events are the following:



  • Easter Sunday Celebration
  • Philippine Independence ("Kalayaan") Day Celebration
  • Apple Picking Celebration
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Party


FAANEGA also sponsors special events like the presentation of the Filipino Association Night (FSA) Night last April 8, 2017.  Here we featured traditional Filipino dance like  Subli, Fangango sa Ilaw, La Jota Moncadena, Igorort Dance, Tinikling, and Kapa Malong Malong.  Other Filipino traditional dance mixed with modern American Hip Hop is Hip Hop Tinikling.


FAANEGA donated to Georgia's nonprofit organization like the Athens Community Council of Aging 2018.


FAANEGA's biggest Fundraising event is our Membership Drive, and Christmas Caroling.  This  year proceeds go to fund the following activities:

  • Hardship assistance to members.
  • Assistance to victims of natural calamities.


In the future, FAANEGA plans to provide scholarship funds (based on economic need) to students in selected schools in the Philippines.